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Badge Time Clocks

Time clocks that use badges have been around for quite some time, and are a very reliable solution for thousands of business owners. There are three types of badges used commonly today, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode, and Proximity. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses based on the environment they will be used in.
Magnetic Stripe and Barcode badges have largely been replaced recently with the introduction of Proximity badges, which limit an employees contact with the time clock unit, and give you options other than actual badges, such as key fobs, and even proximity stickers that can be affixed to existing employee ID's.
Proximity badges are briefly waved within a couple inches of the time clock to punch in or out, while Barcode and Magnetic Stripe badges are swiped directly through a special reader.
These types of time clocks are typically cheaper then Fingerprint or other Biometric options,
and can offer advantages in industries where employees hands orthe environment may be to dirty
for Fingerprint readers to be effective.
If you feel you have an issue with Buddy Punching, check out our Biometric Time Clocks.

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